About Me

About Lenka

When I was four, my parents discovered me painting little cats all over our living room wall. They realized my interest in art and signed me up for a special extracurricular art program in first grade and my passion took off. When I was 14 I was chosen for a four year art school program that specialized in graphic design and many other art skills. After completing the program I successfully completed the entrance exams for teaching art and was chosen to attend university where I concentrated on teaching art for high school and college students. While in attendance, I partnered with a gallery in Pisen, Czech republic developing a specific educational program that focuses on the interactive interpretation of art pieces, the channeling of emotions through art, learning to relate to artists’ work and creating your own masterpiece using inspiration from the artist/exhibit. After receiving my masters degree in arts I went to teach full time at Graphics school. I carried on my passion of teaching to the United States where I am currently teaching at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards, CO. I have taught a variety of classes such as pastel painting, figure drawing and charcoal and pencil drawing. I enjoy sharing my passion with others, it means a lot to me to be able to give students the skills to expand their perspective about art; they begin to notice details within the art that help them develop a broader perspective not only in the classroom but in their everyday lives. My heart is full knowing that I am helping students create a full, rich perspective of art; My students learn to express themselves and find what art means to them and how to apply it in their own special way throughout their lives. I’ve opened this art studio to expand on teaching my passion in more private and personal settings, to help people realize that they are their own artist and they have a unique artistic perspective all their own.