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About Lenka

When I was four, my parents discovered me painting little cats all over our living room wall. They realized my interest in art and signed me up for a special extracurricular art program in first grade and my passion took off. When I was 14 I was chosen for a four year art school program that specialized in graphic design and many other art skills. After completing the program I successfully completed the entrance exams for teaching art and was chosen to attend university where I concentrated on teaching art for high school and college students

My mission is to share with you the beauty and power of art. We are all artists deep inside; there is always more to learn.Wake up the child within you!

Lenka Sage

Our Upcoming Events

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  • Private art lessons
  • Step-by-step painting classes 
    -in my studio in eagle
    -in the comfort of your home
    -for your business parties
    -for bridal showers
    -for baby showers 
    -birthday parties
  • Interactive projects for kids birthday parties
  • Canvas and cocktails in hotel or restaurant setting


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